The Brouillette Bash 2003
The Brouillette Family Tree Cake
The Oldest Male members of the Brouillette Clan (The Geezers)
The Brouillette Family Reunion, held at Seneca lake State park, was a smashing success with over 95 descendants of Joseph and Josephine (Mim) Charron Brouillette in attendance. Many thanks to April for her efforts in organizing the reunion.

Photos of some of us who arrived the day before the Reunion and had dinner and drinks at the Ramada Geneva Lakefront Inn on the Lake are here

Photos of the reunion in no particular arrangement are on three pages: page1 and page2 and page3.

Photo's of some of us who stayed after the Reunion for more eats and drinks are here

And we have included a few photo selections from the distance past